Stefan Strahammer
Study in Austria
Werbung , Österreich , 14. November 2019
Stefan Strahammer

Oida! To help present Austria as an ideal destination for studying, we created a short animated movie to be shown at expositions and conferences. One of the main challenges was to integrate all the necessary facts about the programmes and still make the movie entertaining to watch, especially for an adolescent audience. Another challenge was to represent Austria in new ways, not using too many clichés like Mozart, Skiing and references to the Austro-Hungarian-Monarchy.

  • Kunde
    OeAD-GmbH / Österreichischer Austauschdienst
  • Motion Design
    Magdalena Mitterauer
  • Sound Design
    Heast! Audio-Produktion
  • Illustrationen
    Petra Gradwohl, Stefan Strahammer, Daniela Bisail und Bettina Hoffellner
  • Partner
    Petra Gradwohl